Dyeing one’s hair has been around for centuries.  If a lady wasn’t using henna or indigo, she might have used turmeric, black walnut hulls, or red ochre.   Synthetic dyes trace their history back to the 1860s, But it was in 1907 that Eugene Schueller, the founder of L’Oreal, who made synthetic hair dye marketable.

Some women do their own hair and many others go to salons.  But just how long does it take to tint your hair, whether you do it yourself or have a professional hairdresser do it?  What else could you be doing with your time and money if you gave up tinting your hair?

Is There a Choice?

I have hypothyroidism (meaning my levels of thyroid used to be too low), something that was diagnosed in 2010.  Thankfully, I take the necessary medication and I feel normal.  (My friends are probably raising their highbrows on that “normal” comment.)  When I had to change doctors in 2014, I must have ended up with the endocrinologist who nearly flunked out of med school.  He overdosed me so badly with thyroid, that I became hyperthyroid (meaning my levels of thyroid were too high).  Being either hypo- or hyperthyroid carries with it a host of conditions.

Not only did I go through racing heart rate and palpitations, I started having skin issues.  My scalp couldn’t tolerate the tint chemicals.  It would burn so badly.  Tinting my hair was something I had to stop.

I had no choice but to give up the whole thing  – no more tints and highlights.  It took me over 8 months to grow all of my color out (which is a bummer of a thing to do.  You just have to grin and bear it.).  Now being total gray for over a year, I realized that I could turn that hyperthyroidism affair into a blessing.

A Blessing in Disguise

I was forced to simplify my life.  I no longer spend 3-4 hours in the beauty salon chair every five weeks.  With that, I gained about 40 hours a year.  In addition, I’m now saving over a thousand dollars a year.

Using the Z-Pattern to Decide

Had the decision been up to me (and not forced upon me), I could have used the book, “Is It Worth It?”, to show me how to use the Z-Pattern of Decision-Making.  I could have asked myself some Sensing preference questions that led me to the facts of how much time and money tinting my hair was costing me.  I would also be making sure I included the fact that the tint burned my scalp.

Then I could ask some iNtuitive preference questions that would help me address whether I thought gray hair was going to influence my future and whether I should worry about people seeing me as older.  Would there be a good enough ROI (return on investment), as far as my ego was concerned, to suffer with a burning scalp?

I would then throw these bits of information to my Thinking preference and let it analyze the pros and cons of tinting my hair, thinking about the time, cost, impressions made, the experience of it, etc.

After my Thinking preference came up with some conclusion, my Feeling preference would give it a spin.  Since there is a lot of emotion tied up with tinting or not tinting my hair because of how it would affect my sense of myself, my Feeling preference would have had a big say in the matter when giving it a thumbs-up or down.

I’ll never know just what the decision would have been back in 2014, but I can see how much easier it would have been in making that decision using the Z-Pattern.  And the bottom line:  My life has  become simpler (at least when it comes to my hair anyway!  I’m still a work in progress in other areas of my life 🙂 !).

UPDATE:  I get more compliments on the color of my hair now than I ever did when I was tinting and highlighting it!

While You’re Here Visiting:

Check out the book, “Is It Worth It? – Simplify Your Life with Personality Type”.  It may just be what you need to find the simpler life – uncluttered, in balance, at peace.

Is It Time to Stop Tinting Your Hair?

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